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Closing Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, July 08, 2013

I finished my program this year/I am in classes this term, is my degree accredited?
Yes. Chancellor University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through October 2013. All degrees awarded prior to that time will fall under the accreditation as granted by HLC.

I am an alumni of Dyke/Myers/CU, is my degree still accredited?
Yes. All degrees granted to Chancellor/Dyke/Myers students will remain accredited.

I just started my program/am not done with my program, will my credits transfer to another institution?  Do I have to start all over at another school?
Chancellor University has partnered with Alliant International University to provide you with viable education alternatives. We will work diligently with you to ensure your academic needs are met without disruption. All credit transfers have been arranged to allow each student to continue toward their degree unimpeded by repeat courses.

How do I order my transcript? Is there a fee?
Chancellor University transcript requests can be processed online using the following link:

A $10.00 processing fee will be charged for each transcript.

After the school closes, where do I request my transcript?  What is the fee?
Chancellor University is working with the OBCCS to ensure that all student information remains housed in a safe environment that is accessible at will. To access the OBCCS Transcript Request form, please visit:

Please be advised that there is a $15 charge for each transcript or diploma recreation.

Can I finish my degree program before the school closes?
If you are already on track to complete all classes prior to August 25, 2013 you will receive your Chancellor University diploma. If you are within a certain margin of credit hours remaining, please contact your advisor to see what options may be afforded to you. All other students will be required to transfer to a partner school to finish their programs of study. Chancellor University advisors and directors are working diligently with Alliant International University and several other partner institutions to ensure that students’ academic needs are met and that all students incur minimal academic disruption.  Part of that process includes guaranteeing that credits transfer from your program at CU to a new program to ensure each student continues toward their degree unimpeded by repeat or additional courses.

Will my financial aid transfer to another school?  How can I transfer my financial aid to another school?
We will work with you and your new school’s financial aid office to ensure a smooth transition of funding. To make this process easier, you will need to update your FAFSA to include the new school’s official federal school code. To do this, you must visit and update this information directly in your online file.

What is a “teach out”?  Will I be following my program requirements from CU?  Who will my degree be conferred from after the teach out?
A teach out is a federally and state mandated process the university will follow to properly transition students into comparable programs at partner institutions, to ensure their education continues uninterrupted upon closing of Chancellor University. Once you have transitioned into an appropriate program at a partner university or college, you will need to follow the program requirements outlined by your new advisor. We will work with the school to ensure that you experience minimal disruption to your graduation timelines and that all credit transfers apply smoothly. Upon completion of your program requirements at the new institution where you were placed, you will be considered a graduate of that institution.

Who can I transfer my credits to?  Do I need to apply to the partner schools?  Am I subject to their admissions criteria/will I be automatically accepted into the other school?  Will all of my courses be applied/transferred?
Chancellor University is working with Alliant International University and several partner institutions to ensure you are transitioned into an appropriate program that meets your needs. While the admissions process may vary slightly from each school, we can ensure that should you decide to stick with Alliant or another partner institution, you will be automatically accepted into their programs. More information about admissions will be provided as we determine which school is most suited to your needs.

What if I owe a balance to CU?  Will my records/degree still be held?
You will still owe a balance to Chancellor University, however, you will be able to access all records through OBCCS or the school you are transferring to depending upon the circumstance.

What if I fail a course or receive an Incomplete during this Summer term?
Students must complete all course work as there will be no faculty to submit your incomplete information to after August 25. You will not receive credit for any failed courses.

How long will my CU email and Blackboard accounts be active?  Can I still retrieve emails and documents?
Your email account will remain active through Summer II Session. It will likely be available through a period of time after the school has closed. We will notify you one month prior to your email account closure. Blackboard will remain online through the end of August. We suggest that any documentation of work you need for future reference be pulled prior to the end of August.
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A Message from the President: The Future of Online Education

Thursday, May 02, 2013
Earlier this week, the faculty at Duke University voted down a proposal to join a group of elite colleges to offer for-credit online courses. This vote provides a glimpse into the challenges faced in online education and the evolving role of for-profit organizations.
read more
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AUTHOR: Bob Daugherty

The Busiest & Brightest – How Laura Combs is blazing a trail to the top in record time

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Laura Combs is down to earth, easy to talk to and a constant reminder that anything’s possible – especially with enough determination and dedication.

For the past two years, she has been serving full time as a police officer in northeast Ohio, planning a wedding, juggling social obligations and working toward her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Chancellor University – often taking more classes than the standard full-time load. read more
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AUTHOR: Libby Brandt

Back to School Burnout – How to Avoid It & Turn It Into Positive Energy

Monday, March 11, 2013
Welcome back for week two of Spring II term! We’re gearing up for another rapid-fire round of learning, improvement and challenges. It seemed like Spring I just ended two weeks ago, doesn’t it?
read more
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AUTHOR: Libby Brandt

Meet the Faculty: Gretchen Fleming

Monday, February 11, 2013
Legal Studies, Paralegal, online college, online educationGretchen Fleming is a passionate person and always has been. She’s lucky enough to have been driven and focused from an early age. But like all truly generous and great educators, Gretchen knows that passion doesn’t always spark right away. read more
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AUTHOR: Libby Brandt

A Message from the President: A Revolution in Higher Ed

Tuesday, February 05, 2013
“You say you want a revolution,” wrote John Lennon in 1968.   

Performed by the Beatles in the song “Revolution” on the famous White Album, it was inspired by political protests. The lyrics expressed doubt about some of the tactics used by the protestors. read more
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AUTHOR: Bob Daugherty

Meet the Staff: Rhea Isla

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Almost everyone knows that in college, students learn from professors. But did you know that professors have teachers, too?

Meet Rhea Isla, Manager of Faculty Training and Development and adjunct professor at Chancellor.  Rhea’s job is to develop and teach the faculty at Chancellor the best methods for connecting students with the subject matter they’re teaching. read more
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Meet the Staff: Donna Mauer

Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Donna Mauer doesn’t need to look far to find inspiration. Whether she’s working with potential new students to better their lives or practicing yoga and zip lining to enhance her own, her strong sense of purpose and motivation stem from a very personal place – her family. read more
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AUTHOR: Libby Brandt

Can I Go To DSW Now?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
By Michele Yurcich

Senior Manager of Marketing & Development

Chancellor University

Chancellor University, Technology, ShoppingMore than 15 years ago when my husband and I started dating, I set a ground rule: He was in charge of all electronics. I insisted on this as the entire maze of what was then state-of-the-art gadgets was just too boring for me to want to dive in to or learn about.

Back in the day when our VCR died, it was his responsibility to replace it. Unfortunately, being the person that he is, he would try to include me on the decision making. It went something like this:

Him: Well, there are several options, but do you think you’ll need SP, EP (SLP) or LP … or do you want a combination of the above so you can record different ways?

Me: (Deer in headlights look)

Him: You probably want 4-head, don’t you? I mean, you could get away with 2-head, but …

Me: (Deer in headlights look)

Him: But don’t forget, if I get a Super VHS version then we’ll get significantly sharper image resolution. A standard VCR provides about 240 lines of sharpness (resolution) while a Super VHS provides over 400 lines.

Me (coming out of confused state): Look, I just need something that will record “Days of Our Lives” so I can watch it after work.

Men think women are so difficult. Really, we’re very easy to please.

So imagine my complete and utter sense of bewilderment when I went to look for a TV for him for Christmas this year. Walking into Best Buy was like walking into a foreign country where I didn’t know the language. And then it hit me: I now knew what it was like for my husband to go into DSW with me (for those not familiar, DSW is the mecca of shoes, a place where sandals and pumps and flats and mules and boots and more all come to live in harmony. It’s Girl Heaven).

Anyway, suddenly I was inundated with terms like LED, LCD, HDTV, Hz, LMNOP, XYZ. There’s 24”, 32”, 39”, 40”, 42” … really, is there that big of a difference in 1”-2”? … 50”, 60”, 70” … who needs something this big?! There were brand names I’ve never heard of, but the ones I did know were unexplainably more expensive. I was in sticker-price shock.

So with a headful of letters and numbers and still no idea what I should buy, I did what I thought would be the next best step in my quest: I asked my co-worker what I should do. Little did I know that I was treading on sacred ground. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: I’m looking at TVs for my husband, but really I have no idea what I’m looking for. Can you help? I found a nice looking 32” …

Kevan (shock and despair in his voice): 32”?! Don’t you DARE give that man a 32” TV!

Me: But it looks like it’s nice and …

Kevan: Do not do that to him. That’s just wrong. The TV in my bedroom is bigger than that! No!

Me: But it’s on sale!

Kevan: (look of incredulity)

Me: (exasperated sigh)

Two days before Christmas I went back out to Best Buy. Once again, I stood in the middle of aforementioned inexplicable letters and sizes, closed my eyes, and pointed at one that looked like it would work, and would meet Kevan’s requirements. I won’t say what I got, but suffice to say that the 32” did not make it home. And I got a gift receipt.
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AUTHOR: Michele Yurcich

A Degree in Paralegal Studies with a Dose of Medical Field Experience

Monday, November 12, 2012
paralegal, medical, nurseParalegal studies degrees allow virtually anyone who has a passion for law an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. The projected employment growth rate stands at 18%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For those with a medical background –nurses, EMTs, physicians and others – it can be even more rewarding. read more
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AUTHOR: Libby Brandt

A Paralegal's Story

Monday, November 05, 2012
Shelly Bender is a paralegal who loves her job. She’s also a single parent who never thought she’d have the opportunity to fulfill her dream of pursuing her bachelor’s degree in legal studies.

But thanks to Chancellor University and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), Shelly will begin working toward her degree this October at Chancellor with a full ride scholarship under her belt. read more
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AUTHOR: Libby Brandt

A Lesson in Going Back to School

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Having been out of school for a few years, working in banking and as an entrepreneur leading an international company, I thought spending time getting my MBA was not necessary.  So this year I decided that I would apply myself and get my MBA done. read more
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AUTHOR: Victor Serna


Monday, October 08, 2012
The word entrapment has been in the news lately. Here in Cleveland (home of Chancellor University), five (5) individuals were recently arrested and charged in federal court with conspiring to detonate a bomb(s) to destroy a bridge which handles a large amount of traffic and commuters each day.  One lawyer has openly professed his belief that his client was entrapped by the government to commit this offense.  Let’s discuss this defense and look at what the legal definition of entrapment is.  read more
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AUTHOR: Scott Brantley

What Are the “Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Law” Doctrines? Are They the Same Thing?

Monday, October 08, 2012
This type of defense was first enacted in 2005 (in Florida) at the behest of the National Rifle Association (NRA). This law has recently come to light there in the Trayvon Martin case where George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder of Martin. His defense is that he used deadly force because the “stand your ground” law in Florida allowed for that. read more
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AUTHOR: Scott Brantley
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