Career In Focus: Dr. Navran on CU's Partnership with the Career Transition Center

Monday, November 19, 2012
By Dr. Darius Navran
Dean of the College of Professional Studies; Associate Provost

Career Services, Chancellor UniversityLike every metropolitan city, Cleveland is fortunate to have numerous great nonprofits who focus on advancing common good and public interests. Career Transition Center (CTC) is relatively a new nonprofit organization that assists displaced workers in transitioning to new jobs. Its aim is to catapult the success of area workers and businesses. I recently had an opportunity to meet Ann B. Hunter, Executive Director of CTC and was quite impressed to learn how a small organization with limited resources is embarked on doing big things for its community. Enabling people to get back into employment in today's hard economic times is indeed an admirable goal.

Ann, who has a vast background on career counseling, is a visionary and compassionate individual. Her office, which is located at Shaker Heights Public Library, is quite modest and unpretentious. Ann spends her time coaching job seekers, planning workshops, reaching out to employers and fundraising. Given the magnitude of the challenges that CTC faces in assisting its clients with career transition and job search, it naturally can benefit from the assistance of other organizations that can create a synergistic collaboration.

When Rich Brhel, Chancellor University Librarian, and I met Ann in her office, we discussed areas that Chancellor can provide its faculty and staff expertise to enable CTC to better achieve its mission. The two organizations have agreed that the university can assist CTC with grant writing application and certain workshops where Chancellor's faculty would provide their knowledge and skills to job-seeking participants. Also, the Chancellor University Career Services Office has added the CTC to its list of local resources for CU students and alumni seeking career assistance. I believe the scope of collaboration can expand as we get to learn more about the different needs that CTC fulfills in fostering talent advancement and strengthening the local economy.

For more information about the Career Transition Center, please visit their website at
AUTHOR: Dr. Darius Navran

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Looking forward to this assistance.
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