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Monday, January 21, 2013
By Paul Strachan
Manager, Career & Tutorial Services
Chancellor University

The Tutorial and Career Services departments at Chancellor University are two valuable resources available for students no matter what level of academic achievement and work experience they may have. These services are personalized to build upon each student’s unique needs and strengths and help them reach their personal goals and objectives.

On any given day I work with students and graduates who are progressing through all the various stages of their academic and career paths. This includes new students who are just starting courses and getting into the swing of college and university studies, students who are completing courses and programs and then beginning new careers and employment, all the way to masters/graduate level students and alumni with significant experience who are advancing to the next level in their careers. Each individual has their own unique background, circumstances and set of goals, objectives, strengths, skills, needs, challenges, achievements and plans that they bring to their course of study and their career field of interest.

Through tutoring, students are able improve their academic performance and skills with brief phone calls, e-mails or regular one-hour appointments held remotely, in person on campus. Tutors work with all students upon request and services are available six days a week. Tutors at Chancellor have a record of significant past experience and expertise.

In addition, students have 24-hour access to the online Academic Support Center (ASC) in Blackboard that provides many subject resources including a Writing Center to help students develop their writing assignments and papers. Comprehensive resources on APA format and style are also available in the ASC. In Blackboard there are two ways to access the ASC. First, after logging into Blackboard, simply click the tab at the top right corner that says ‘Academic Support Center’ and then click on the blue navigation.

Career Services provides students, graduates and alumni with gainful employment opportunities and a variety programs in their field of study to help them gain valuable experience. The U.S. Federal Work-Study program is available to some qualified students who wish to work part-time while attending school. Internships are a terrific way to gain experience and get your foot in the door with a career. I have seen students transition to full-time jobs as the result of successful internships.

Career Services also provides personalized career planning, support and coaching in a comprehensive program called, ‘Essentials of 21st Century Career Campaigns’ to start new careers or advance in existing careers with regular employment. Conducting a proper career campaign requires sustained effort and support so students and alumni need not go it alone.

To sign up for career services and begin receiving regular job leads, students can go to the Chancellor website login page, click through the button for ‘My Career Planning’ and create an account on the e-Recruiting website and employment database. Hundreds of employer organizations and contacts are included there that recruit Chancellor students.

Among the Student Services and support team at Chancellor, I enjoy my role as the Manager of the Career Services and Tutorial Services departments. One of the most rewarding things in my position is working with students, recent graduates and alumni to provide support and then see them go on to achieve their academic, educational and career goals through their Chancellor experience.

During my past three years at Chancellor, I have seen many students and alumni meet challenges and achieve their academic and career goals. Over the short- and long-term the Chancellor experience has helped change and improve students’ lives for the better. I am fortunate to have worked with many students and to have played a part in each of their success stories.         

For contact information and assistance call 216-432-8948 or 216-432-8942, send an email to, or click on the ‘Student Services’ pull down menu and then double click on ‘Tutoring’ and/or ‘Career Services’ on the Chancellor University website home page,
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AUTHOR: Paul Strachan

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