Chancellor University Hosts SME/BizCon Meeting

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
By Adam Griffith
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Chancellor University

On Wednesday, January 30th, Chancellor University successfully hosted an SME BizCon networking session and special presentation.  The session was led by the current president of SME Cleveland, Greg McBride.  Those in attendance for the presentation included members of the downtown Cleveland and western suburb BizCon chapters.  The presentation was conducted by successful sales coach, Marvin Montgomery.  Marvin provided a detailed blueprint for a successful customer approach in acquiring new business.  We thank Marvin for his extremely insightful presentation!

Among the many insightful topics Marvin introduced to the audience this morning, was the topic of successful sales tactics, a hallmark saying being “People buy from people who they know, like and trust!” Marvin also discussed how to be a better active and engaged listener. Listening is the key to asking intelligent questions that will build stronger relationship with your customers.

Moving forward throughout 2013, Chancellor University and BizCon are excited about their collaborative effort in assisting others to improve upon their professional lives.  Both Chancellor and BizCon strive to develop the skills and talents belonging to individuals that are local to the Cleveland area and beyond.  You can learn more about the Cleveland chapters of SME and BizCon at the following link:

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