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Thursday, May 09, 2013
community college, college transfer, credit transfer, chancellor universityJoe Jackson is Chancellor University’s Senior Manager of College and University Partners. Chances are if you are a transfer student from one our 27 formal community college partners, Joe has played a role in helping  you get started at CU.

“My favorite thing about working with students is just seeing their excitement about furthering their degrees and their education,” said Joe. “I just enjoy getting to help these students all the time.”

As part of Joe’s job, he works with community colleges that offer a limited number of degrees (typically associate or bachelor’s degrees) to provide more options for students looking to further their education with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“If a student wants a bachelor’s degree, but can only go as far as an associate degree at their school, that’s where we come in,” he said. “We have a number of programs set up at our partner schools to make the transfer process easier on students.”

In fact, Joe can personally take credit for helping 27 schools partner with Chancellor University in the last year and a half.

“Formalized partnerships are extremely important for Chancellor students,” Joe said. “Not just in the short-term, but over the long-term, we are able to help so many students by offering them an opportunity to continue to pursue their education at Chancellor.”

“Watching the students I’ve worked with walk across the stage at graduation is a major reward for what I do,” he added. “Education is always going to be an important and difficult process, but helping make that dream a reality, that’s huge.”

When asked what advice he offers to incoming students, Joe said simply this:

“Keep focus on what your goals and dreams are. When things get difficult, those are the things you need to remember that will get you through the tough times.”

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