Need a Presenter?

Would you like to have a presenter come speak at your class? Whether it is an experienced professional, Chancellor Alumni, Academic Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor, or Career Advisor you will need to contact Career Services to put your request in, at least three weeks in advance.

Employer Round Tables

A great way for employers to invest in learning is by sitting down with our faculty. If your department would like to sponsor an Employer Round Table, please contact Career Services at (216) 432-8948. By partnering together we can invite local, state and national employers to discuss numerous topics.

Don't Cancel Class!

Ground Class

Career Services understands that missing class is sometimes unavoidable. In those circumstances our office can provide Professors with a different option than canceling. Career Services has a series of presentations that you can choose from that will educate, assist and prepare students for finding a career.

Online Class

In the online format you may not necessarily miss class, but do have some unique options. Contact Career Services to have an online workshop posted in your class, or make it a requirement that your student's must attend an online workshop, etc.

For the assistance you need, please contact Career Services by e-mailing, or calling (216) 432-8948.
Got Questions? We have answers. Our Admissions Associates are available to chat with you live online, Monday through Friday from 9:00am EST to 7:00pm EST. Click this link to chat with an Admissions Associate.