Assembling Your Career Information File

In the previous step you listed your career interests. From your answers you should be able to gather the fields you are interested in. Start exploring three career options/positions in that field. Identify five companies that employ those options/positions. Jot down a brief description of the company and their mission statement.

Your Career Information file is a good tool to utilize when trying to compare majors or careers. After you identified five companies that employ people in your field, start looking for careers that catch your eye. Cut or print the ads out. Assemble them in your career file. You will start to notice that there are similar skills employers are looking for in that field.

  1. Identify those skills
  2. Evaluate whether you have those skills
  3. Make sure that the skills identified are listed on your resume
  4. If you do not have those skills analyze how you will acquire them

Remember by making an appointment with Career Services early on in your education you will have time to answer how you will achieve your skills.

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