MentorConnect: Connecting Chancellor University students with Industry professionals

CU Mentor Connect is a partnership between Career Services and Alumni Affairs. Being a mentor is a meaningful way to form lasting personal and professional relationships. To help make the experience as rewarding as possible for both the mentor and student, we have provided a list of suggested guidelines:

A Mentor Is A Person Who…

  • Provides advice and discusses particular fields of interest
  • Offers an introduction to a variety of information and resources to assist the student in preparing for specific careers/jobs
  • Provides friendship and guidance
  • Offers an alternate perspective
  • Assists with learning effective problem-solving skills
  • Assists with identifying his or her personal strengths and areas of improvement
  • Encourages goal setting and achievement of those goals
  • Guides and supports the process of:
    • Researching career opportunities with specific companies
    • Selecting specific companies to pursue
    • Developing resumes and cover letters
    • Preparing for interviews

What Is The Reward of Being A Mentor?

  • A rewarding experience in guiding a Chancellor University student
  • A chance to help your alma mater and be connected
  • An opportunity to develop your mentoring skills in a structured environment
  • Help the student to become an active, self-directed problem solver
  • A means to help students toward success

Expectations of mentors

  • Help the student acquire knowledge, information and skills
  • Encourage the student to approach other people for information and develop his or her own network of resources
  • Help the student to become an active, self-directed problem solver
  • Willingness to have regular contact with the student
  • Interest in establishing a personal relationship with a student. Act as a resource for general professional advice to students.
  • Have contact with the student, with at least one face-to-face meeting per semester if possible (though the student should be responsible for setting up the calls and meetings)
  • Be reasonably flexible and willing to work with Chancellor Universities Alumni Relations Officer and Career Services
  • Maintain the relationship with the student throughout the duration of the student's time at Chancellor University.

Mentors are not expected to:

  • Act as a career life preserver or a personal search firm. Any job assistance is 100 percent at mentor's discretion and all participating students understand this
  • Spend time tracking down students that are unresponsive. There is no guarantee that your student will contact you. If you haven't heard from them within a couple of weeks of receiving their information, let us know and we will match you with another student.

Program Contacts

University and Alumni Relations Officer
Office: (216) 361-2782

Director of Career Services
Office: (216) 432-8948

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