Everyone wants a straightforward answer explaining what they can do with their degree. Many factors, beyond your education, go into answering that question. Your interests, values, skills and work experience all play a part. Other factors that affect your career decision are family, work ethic, where you want to live, benefits, work environment, challenges you have to overcome, etc.

Take your time and really think about all the factors that affect you. Complete a SWOT of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Recognize the areas you need assistance in.

Next, record your career interests in a career information file. What is your ideal career? Where do you see yourself working? What type of position would you like to be in? What skills do I need in the field I want to work in? Always remember to keep an open mind and do not sell yourself short. It is ok if your ideal career is to work in a Probation Department, even if you have no experience in Criminal Justice.

After you finish your career interests complete a goal statement. What do you want to achieve in six months, one year, five years and ten years? It is ok if you complete a personal and career goal statement.

When it is time to evaluate and take all of the above into consideration, you realize you are the best person to answer the question. You know what you want it is just a matter of how are you going to get there. By making an appointment with Career Services early on in your education you will have time to answer how you will achieve your goals and your ideal career.

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