It is important to file your financial aid materials as early as possible since certain campus-based funds are limited and can be exhausted early in the processing year. Accordingly, below are priority processing deadlines for Chancellor University:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Priority deadline to file the form is March 15th. Federal deadline is no later than June 30th of the academic year you are applying for aid.

Financial Aid Processing Calendar

Beginning January 1st

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Renewal Application or FAFSA on the Web It is recommended you apply for financial aid at least eight weeks prior to the start of the semester/term/session.

The Central Processing System will mail you a Student Aid Acknowledgement Form as confirmation that your application is complete and on file. The other way to receive this information is through an email link. Schools listed on your application will receive a copy of this information called an Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR). Be sure to list Chancellor University as one of your choices, school code 003043.

Beginning April 1st

The Financial Aid Office will verify, process, and award those students who have completed the financial aid application process. Financial Aid Award Letters will be mailed to students as they are available.

Accepted financial aid offers are due in the Financial Aid Office no later than three weeks after receipt or certain types of financial aid may be forfeited. Federal Stafford and PLUS loan applications will be certified and mailed to lenders. Watch for a confirmation of loan approval, by mail, from the lender/guarantee agency.

NOTE: If an application is selected for the verification process, all tax returns, verification worksheets, etc. must be received by the Financial Aid Office before the end of the registered semester/term/session or the last date of attendance, whichever comes first.

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