Inspire. Share. Change.

Study Abroad in World Capitals.

Make 2013 your year to remember. Pave a new path in your education and an insightful perspective on yourself by studying abroad with Chancellor University’s Global Institute of Comparative Studies (GICS).

Inspire. Studying abroad inspires you with a fresh view of the world while discovering the threads that bind cultures together. Chancellor University’s Global Institute of Comparative Studies (GICS) will challenge you academically and inspire others to become their own ambassadors of the world.

Share. Life-changing experiences like those in Chancellor University’s GICS program come from sharing with others as you develop life-long worldwide friendships and memories. The group’s faculty lead and representatives from each country will be your personal guide as they introduce you to political arenas, global Fortune 500 companies, historic landmarks, and prominent arts and cultural institutions.

Change. Your perception of the world changes as you’re immersed in the language, culture, and people of the host countries and cities. Yet the changes don’t stop internally. As a world traveler, others will see you as an insightful person and scholar with the immediately applicable, relevant knowledge base necessary to succeed in today’s very global marketplace.

The best part of Chancellor University’s Global Institute of Comparative Studies? Learning about yourself and the world around you while earning credit towards your college degree, no matter your major.

Experience life as a local, not as a tourist. Contact Chancellor University today and let us show you the world. Explore our upcoming and past GICS adventures, find answers to your questions and find an application in the tabs at the top of this page. Or contact us at: 888.495.8338,

Our Mission

GICS provides the opportunity for students to gain international awareness and become global thinkers. Through our study abroad program, students can prepare for careers in a rapidly changing world and attain the necessary skills for the global marketplace.

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