Introducing: The Chancellor University Honors Program

October 23, 2012

The celebration of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity is a vital part of the collegiate experience. Students with above average devotion to scholarship and research should be encouraged to grow at the exceptional pace they have chosen for themselves.

That’s why we are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our academic catalog: the Chancellor University Honors Program.

The CU Honors program, designed specifically for academically exceptional students, brings a new distinction to Chancellor University, introducing a level of academic and cultural enrichment for participating students that will work with and supplement our standard coursework and provide far-reaching opportunities both professionally and personally.

“It is the first online undergraduate program of its kind,” said Dr. Shiva Achet, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Chair of Science and Health Services Management at Chancellor. “The main purpose of our honors program is to prepare students who will make change happen through people and partnership. We believe that this can make a difference in the quality of education and career for our students.”

“Our aim is to help promote leadership skills, problem solving, planning and engagement in high performance students.” added Dr. Darius Navran, Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Associate Provost at Chancellor University. “We want Honors students to master these skills and become role models for their peers.”

In order to achieve these goals, Honors Program students will be placed in specially created sections of standard Chancellor U courses that place heavy emphasis on writing, critical thinking, problem-solving, planning and team work. Only a handful of courses each session will include Honors sections, beginning January 2013 with SC 264: Environmental Science.

A small number of academically ambitious students will be selected through a process of recommendation and invitation. Those selected to apply must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and submit a one page essay outlining their educational and career goals. In some cases, students demonstrating consistent academic improvement can be considered below this mark. Selected participants will be celebrated at an induction ceremony this November.

Once students begin the honors program, academic enrichment kicks into high gear. Each student is required to complete 18 credit hours of Honors classes, designed to hone analytical writing and critical thinking skills, while simultaneously exposing them to cultural and intellectual opportunities. However, the total number of courses to graduate with an undergraduate degree with Honors remains unchanged.

Program participants must also complete a sequence of six distinctive course sections, two projects and a Capstone Honors Project Portfolio. Students will be required to take two Honors courses within their declared major track, participate in two student/local community projects or internships, and complete four other interdisciplinary courses chosen by the student and approved by the Honors Program Director.

Honors students will work closely with Chancellor’s master faculty members, including Dr. Navran and several other specially selected professors, to contribute to their academic research and creative projects. Students are encouraged to actively participate in leadership roles both within and outside the University to augment their educational experience. Additionally, all Honors students will have the opportunity to join the Honors Society most closely associated with their field of study.

Upon graduation, students who have successfully completed the program will receive an Honors Certificate with their diploma. 

“This is a milestone in the history of Chancellor University,” said Dr. Navran. “We owe it to our students to offer them this opportunity.”

To learn more about the Chancellor University Honors Program, please contact Dr. Darius Navran at or Dr. Shiva Achet at

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