Chancellor University Announces New Master's Degrees in Sales Management

November 05, 2012

Seven Hills, Ohio, November 5, 2012 – Chancellor University is pleased to announce that beginning with the January 7, 2013 start, it will be offering its new master’s degrees in Sales Management.

Students can choose between a 10-course Masters of Management (MM) degree or a 12-course Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Both offer students a unique education that is one of the best of its kind available.

“Since sales is my passion, I’m especially excited about this concentration,” says Kevan Ford, Senior Director of Admissions & Development. “Sales leadership is not about being the top performer in your organization or industry. It’s about being known by customers, managers, peers, subordinates, and even competitors as a source of information, an innovator of methodologies, an advocate of business and personal success, and an expert in all the things that tie together a successful and ongoing customer experience while growing the business and maximizing profits. This program will be an amazing experience for sales pros that want to become leaders.”

With the new Sales Management program, students study in the same core classes of the general MBA and MM programs while also requiring a rigorous set of courses specifically designed to hone skills required by upper level sales managers, including:

  • “Innovative Sales Management Methodologies” in which students evaluate the aspects of sales management that are critical to the organization's success such as sales forecasting, strategy, organization, human resources, appraisals, tools and systems of measurement, customer relations management drivers and more.
  • “The Psychology of the Sale: People, Culture, Change and Buyer Behavior” where students examine factors affecting culture and organizational changes, such as examining sales force competencies, behaviors, attitudes and techniques, engaging in performance reviews, coaching, counseling and mentoring, motivating, and developing salespeople. Additionally, the course covers the other side of the coin by examining both consumer buyer behavior (B-to-C) and organizational buyer behavior (B-to-B).
  • “Sales Management Capstone.” This class utilizes the concepts learned throughout the program for use in a team environment and the exclusive Chancellor University business simulator.

“This is a very exciting offering and speaks to a large number of people who are sales professionals and want to take their career further,” says Dr. Steve Kerr, Provost of Chancellor University and former Chief Learning Officer at General Electric and Goldman Sachs. “Our master degree programs are designed to incorporate real world experience and practice in leadership, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and more to reinforce classroom lessons and theory, giving students an edge that other MBA and MM programs simply do not provide all from a convenient, online classroom.”

For more information about the Sales Management program at Chancellor University, please visit or contact the CU Admissions team at 888.316.9377.


Chancellor University was founded in Cleveland in 1848. It has served students in Northeast Ohio since then and has served students on-line since the late 1990s. The school currently enrolls students from 45 of the 50 U.S. states and several foreign countries. Since 1978, Chancellor University has been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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