Public Safety Administration Master's Program Introduced at Chancellor University

February 12, 2013

Unanticipated disasters – both natural and man-made – affect thousands of live each year.  In times like these it is critical that the help you need be highly trained and equipped to act when lives are on the line.

Statistics from the International Disaster Database show that more than 346,000people were killed during natural disasters in 2011 alone, with millions more left injured, homeless or otherwise affected.

That is why Chancellor is pleased to offer our Master of Business Administration and Master of Management degrees with a specialization in Public Safety Administration. These programs take an all-encompassing approach to effective crisis management while emphasizing real-world decision making in classes designed by scholar-practitioners with hands-on experience.

High level Public Safety positions for EMT, fire and emergency  management personnel are more attainable with a master’s degree, as many of the more specialized departments are highly competitive and typically require years of experience. The median salary for emergency and crisis management professionals is $56,900, with top management earning upwards of $90,000 annually.
“Public Safety Administration is a necessary and fast-growing career field within the medical, safety and fire communities,” said Center for Law & Justice Director Gretchen Fleming. “It’s critical to ensure that  we are producing leaders in this emerging field who are properly trained and equipped to handle these high stress scenarios with skill and composure.”

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