Chancellor University Announces Spring 2013 Dean's List

May 13, 2013

Seven Hills, Ohio, May 13, 2013 – Chancellor University is pleased to announce its Spring 2013 Dean’s List. The students listed below represent the best and the brightest at both Chancellor University and in their designated fields and is comprised of  undergraduate students who complete a minimum of 9 credits of course work with a GPA of 3.2 or above during the semester.

Shelly Bender
Joseph    Cahlik
Yvonne    Carty
Laura Combs
Herbert Crowe
Marilyn    Diaz
Laura Floyd
Linda Goodwin
Peter Greene
Kari Hall
Ashley Hannahs Mankin
Sallie Houghton
Orlando Hudson
Hannah Keyser
Catherine Kolm
Joseph    Kopronica
Teri Kurtz
Colleen    Mark
Roger Masiello
Michele Mitchell
Sabrina    Morris
Susan Murray
Leslie Penny
Mark Pereyda
Courtnenay Perkins
Samuel    Richardson
Theresa Richardson
Renea Riesen
Yolanda Robinson
Darlene Smith    
Jaclyn Smith
Karen Spindler
Jodi Taylor
Jenna Templin
Kathryn Tomaro
Burlingtina Vines
Christopher Wolske
Justin Work
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