Chancellor University Arranges With Alliant International University To Provide Continued Enrollment For Students

July 08, 2013

Seven Hills, Ohio, July 8, 2013 – After 165 years of academic excellence, Chancellor University announces that it is closing. Chancellor has made arrangements with Alliant International University, a California-based, private, not-for-profit graduate and undergraduate institution and will teach out all existing classes and students upon completion of Summer Session II (August 25, 2013).

As part of the unique arrangement with Alliant, all transfer details for current Chancellor students have been taken care of in advance to allow for minimal academic disruption.  Pending final approval from
Alliant’s accreditor, both entering and continuing students are automatically admitted to Alliant in online programs that are comparable to those offered by Chancellor.

“Everyone at Chancellor is committed to making sure our students make a smooth transition to Alliant,” said Chancellor President Bob Daugherty. “We are working to ensure each student’s individual needs are met and that all credits transfer in a seamless transition.”

Provost Steve Kerr added, “Our agreement with Alliant International University affords a uniquely special opportunity for students at Chancellor. The University’s long legacy of providing education to students in all walks of life can only be expanded upon and enhanced by the blending of these outstanding institutions.”  

“We’re excited to provide a new opportunity for Chancellor University students,” said Geoff Cox, President at Alliant International University. “Our university’s high quality programs are certain to allow Chancellor students to continue to flourish in their chosen fields in a new and multi-faceted way.”

Alliant Provost Russ Newman said, “Chancellor students are unique, and we’re looking forward to providing new resources to help them achieve their educational goals in a truly meaningful way.”
Additional arrangements have been made for students who are unable to transfer Alliant, and Chancellor will work to find the most appropriate options for these special circumstances.

Board of Trustees Chairman Ron Ransom shared, “We are very grateful for the hard work and dedication that President Daugherty, Provost Kerr and the entire administration has put into Chancellor over the last several years. The team worked closely with the board every step of the way.”

All Chancellor University students with additional questions are encouraged to contact their academic advisors.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information regarding this transition.
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