Make the right impression - Start with a professional letter

As you move from student to professional you will come across many different types of letters, memos, e-mails, etc. Remember, there is no single formula or model letter that will work for every occasion. In your career search you can happen across letters such as these:

Type of Letter Brief Description
Application Letter When a company has posted a job you will use this type of letter to respond. The introductory paragraph will state the position and where you found the posting.
Prospecting Letter Sometimes companies are not hiring now, but that does not mean they will not be hiring in the future. You can send a letter that lets the employer you researched their company; you value their mission and would love to be kept in mind for when a position opens up. This is also the time to highlight your skills and abilities.
Networking Letter Send a letter to your former employers, friends, family, professional networking contacts, etc., letting them know you are looking for a position. Ask the individual if they could refer any contacts or companies that might be hiring.
Thank You Letter Always send a Thank You Letter! If an individual acted as your reference send them a handwritten thank you note. If you just had an interview turn around and immediately send a thank you letter.
Acceptance Letter If you are offered a position you can send an acceptance letter.
Withdrawal Letter If you realize the position or the company is not what you want, be polite and send a withdrawal letter. Thank them for taking the time to look over your resume or if you had a chance to interview and politely let them know you have to withdraw your interest.
Rejection Letter If you are offered a position and you decide not to take it, follow up with a rejection letter.

Examples of these letters and how to construct them can be found on your CU Career Services eRecruiting site.

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