University Relations is the central communications office of the Chancellor University. We work to develop relationships with people both internal and external to the University through timely and accurate communications. While many of you may be acquainted with our office and the services we provide, you may want to know how we are organized and familiarize yourself with the ways in which we can serve you. Primarily, we:
  • work with the president and others in central administration to determine the broad messages to be conveyed to internal and external audiences
  • build University and community pride through marketing and communications initiatives
  • communicate with internal and external constituencies in person, through websites, in the mass media, and through our publications
  • develop and implement programs to connect alumni, donors, neighbors, and friends to the institution and enable them to serve the University and the University to serve them
  • advocate for University goals, objectives, and needs to local, state, and federal governments.
Our office’s resources are aligned into the following units: Public Relations(News Service, Internal Communications, and Strategic Initiatives),Marketing Communications, and Creative Services.
Got Questions? We have answers. Our Admissions Associates are available to chat with you live online, Monday through Friday from 9:00am EST to 7:00pm EST. Click this link to chat with an Admissions Associate.