Online Recruiting at Chancellor University

The pace at which technology is changing is remarkable. Everyday new software is being created to help improve our lives. In education keeping students informed is a key element in their career exploration process. It should not matter whether a student is an online or ground learner. At Chancellor University, Career Services is working hard to ensure that all students, regardless of their mode of education, receive the same opportunities.

One of those opportunities is when an employer comes to campus to speak or recruit CU students. However, if a student is an online learner or a working professional it is impossible for them to attend these opportunities. That is why CU Career Services is taking on-campus recruiting to a new level. We have the capability to conduct virtual interviewing/recruiting of our online students.

How it works:

Virtual interviewing/recruiting can be done independently or in conjunction with an on-campus visit. The employer must go online to eRecruiting and sign in. If the company does not have an account then one can be created in less than five minutes. Once signed in the employer will need to request to conduct virtual interviewing/recruiting.

  • The employer picks a type of interview. (For example, behavioral, pressure, new hire, etc.)
  • Then the employer will select the number of questions they want to ask the interviewee. (5, 10, 15 or 20 questions).
  • The employer states the type of students they want to interview based on major, status, etc.
  • Career Services will email those students the instructions, interview and deadline information.
  • It is up to the student to complete the interview. The student will need a microphone and webcam. The student will use this equipment to record their interview.
  • Once the student is satisfied with their interview they will send it to Career Services by the deadline.
  • Career Services will preview all interviews and approve them.
  • Once the interview is approved the URL is forwarded to the employer.

It is as simple as that! As Chancellor University transforms into a regional powerhouse for business education and innovation, Career Services has vowed to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and partner with Employers to enhance their global recruiting efforts.

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